How to promote your business with Twitter

These are the ages of dazzling rapid communication as technological advancements helped us become more aware than ever of the importance of high quality information exchange. In contrast to the last decades, words have become more powerful – not the long academic expressions, but the shorter, more basic of them. Nowadays, someone’s thoughts can make or break a business regardless of its excellent advertise and management. Social networks forced all businesses small and large into a more transparent approach towards its clients, and while this means great empowerment for the common consumer, it has led many companies towards their doom.

Twitter – a double edged sword

Of course that your business has its own site, bus so do many others if not all of them – it is just how work is done in this era. So besides presenting your product on some web site, what else can you do in order to win your costumers and even stand out from the white water of market? The answer is to reach for your clients, be there for them and sincerely care for their needs – this is what customer service is. Beyond any other form of advertise, a quality customer service can win you more engagement and loyalty.

Social networking is the basis of a modern clients’ support – it is quick, it is widely open to everybody, but it is also dangerous if used unwisely. Social network is power, but as any comics reader knows, with great power comes great responsibility. Formalities, obsolete, long and cold texts are the things that do not belong to sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, nor do they appeal to the public. This where more ‘traditional’ companies have failed: they stuck to old texts, they let client in wait and they were slow in problem solving – this is the sure recipe for losing customers!

Once on Twitter, be prepared to answer both positive and negative feedback, your reply is vital in reaching a good relationship with your clients. If your job is praised, say ‘thank you’, if it is criticized, offer help - these little things matter more than I can tell. Say you are working in the escort industry, specifically French escorts; it is vital for you to use an informal and a friendly tone in your tweets in order to seem more likable to your clients. Highlight why escorts are a great way to spend some nice time in a pleasant company, approach your customers and be open. At least that is how French escorts are dealing with their Twitter and that is how they became renowned for their services – wisely using the power of social networks.

I can never stress enough the importance of social networking in business management and development; winning customers and keeping them close means maintaining a good dialogue with them. The market is becoming overly full of services and possibilities for any consumer looking for the best choice. A tweet may be everything he needs to find you.