Power of Social Media

Power is a rather vague term, what exactly is power nowadays? Of course we are not talking here about strength, nor are we mentioning force and authority, but rather influence. In present times, a great deal of what means to have power lies in the capacity to interfere in the ways society and large masses are working – for better or for worse.

How do social media influence business?

Long gone are the times when companies were above customers, when they could postpone the clients’ complaints and when in need of guidance, one could only expect a default reply. This is not our present any more, not with the ever faster and responsive social networking; those companies which failed to adapt to the new norm – that includes a real and human dialogue with your customer – ultimately sank into ignorance. Social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter in particular, managed to give a voice to every consumer out there. Every complaint, each gratitude gesture is heard and is reached over the internet at the speed of a lightning bolt.

This could only force companies into a different approach towards their clients, a friendlier, warmer way of speaking – when in need of guidance you can actually feel that you talk with a human being and not with a robot. This could only lead to a more transparent market place where the product and customer service speak louder than any kind of paid form of advertise.

What a time to be alive, is that not so? It is remarkable how a little step in technology advancement lead to such a massive change in how marketing is now commonly perceived. Communication and service exchange were eased of unnecessary formalities, thus making the market a place more suited for humans and not machines.