Twitter as way of life

Get up, stop the alarm, open Facebook. Wash your face, brush the teeth, check Twitter. Take breakfast, drink coffee, send mails. Looks familiar? – there is a good chance that I have just described your morning routine; keep calm, I am not stalking you, nor there is any magic involved. It is just how humans work these days, with a smart gadget serving as an extension of their mind.

How vocal are you over the internet?

Technology has marked us deeply especially in the last decades and it very much remodeled some aspects of our social norms. Making friends and getting to know people is no longer limited to face to face contact, searching for employees does not only mean an interview session, reaching for your idol – an actor, a singer, a politician – involves a real dialogue. These are the facilities that we can today enjoy thanks to Twitter; our message is visible all over and the answers are swift.

The way you want to be perceived as a person can easily be done through your tweets and comments, posts and follows. The personal Twitter profile has become, along with the Facebook profile, the face we want to show to the world. We want to be known as candid, beautiful and intelligent people, and we share with the internet the things that moved us or that we enjoy. But, above all, we expect to be heard by the others – this is the humane part of technology.

Not to mention the contact with companies that we are loyal to their services; in case of disaster one expects help – Twitter is there to assist us. Next time you open the Twitter app on your mobile phone – and I’m guessing it will be quite soon – take moment to think of the bigger picture: you’re a part of a wide network of vocal people.